Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Error when refresh PurchPurchaseOrder datasource on Dynamic AX 2012 - Dwipa Rachmawan Cool :P

When i do custom report Purchase Order in AOT the report name is PurchPurchaseOrder
and do refreshing on dataset PurchPurchaseOrderLine. The error raise

':PurchPurchaseOrder.Parameters.IsPurchConfirmationRequestJournal' has already been defined.To correct this, rename one or more of the model elements so that they have a unique name.

Do following step in order to fixed the problem
1. just rename it the parameter IsPurchConfirmationRequestJournal become IsPurchConfirmationRequestJournalX (you can do as you want)
2. set property this IsPurchConfirmationRequestJournal

  1. allow blank
  2. nullable
become true
3. after you rename it, right click the report PurchPurchaseOrder and klik restore. (just klik ok if there is popup windows)

4. do refreshing again on dataset PurchPurchaseOrderLine
when doing system will create for you another parameter which is IsPurchConfirmationRequestJournal
and change this parameter property  like above

  1. allow blank
  2. nullable

5. Klik the report rebuild and deploy

Thats it and Good luck



Gergely Balog said...

Thanks a lot!

Had the exact same issue!

Myles Yamada said...

Thank you! This was the second issue that I had with this report. I'll post the first issue on my blog.

Thanks Again!